What is an Awakening?

When our soul expands and we are moving from ego into spirit within, we are going through and awakening. Awakening is a leveling up in consciousness.

Our soul is the same thing as our consciousness and is the thing that enables awareness of ourselves. It is our essence.

Awakening has many stages but usually starts out with a dark night of the soul. I like to call this what it really is , “ the dark night of the ego”. This is where we feel the “void “ where the false self is actually dying. Our ego patterning is causing us so much suffering and our true self ( spirit) knows that our answers don’t lie in our self defeating patterning. We spend so much energy in our self defeating patterns that we feel exhausted by them. We become so familiar with the patterning but we don’t know how to get off the ride.

This is the point in our process of soul expansion where we know surrender is king. We are exhausted in our resistance against this pattern of ego because we don’t feel safe. The ego will not feel safe when it is about to die off. This stage takes two things. Courage and surrender.Often we are not in danger, we are just very uncomfortable.

When one thing dies, the law of polarity has it that another thing is born. As our ego begins to shed off layers of the veil of illusion, our soul is being reborn. Reborn into more of the light that we already are.

We can go for a very long period of time in this stage of development. This can also happen very quickly which is a lot more disorienting. When it is very quick and intense we call it a healing crisis.

The last stage of a maturing soul is the ego’s last stand. Before we break through in a level up in consciousness we will experience an intense last fight in our egos. The fear and resistance in our being is ready to be cleared out but in most instances will be met by the ego’s last stand where the pattern will be the most intense.

How to handle the ego’s last stand?
The best way to stay loyal to your soul here is to remain in the present moment. In these circumstances we want to resist what is happening. However , if we surrender to whatever arises, knowing it is for our highest good no matter how it looks, it will be easier. It is essential while we are in surrender to have great compassion and acceptance for our humanness.

The next tool in weathering the storm of the ego’s last stand is to observe, feel and allow to pass knowing that there is nothing to “ do” but experience. This takes courage and discipline. The discipline is the practice or watching what is happening without reacting in our egos. In this instance to remember that you don’t have to fix it but to just observe it without getting tangled up in the drama of it. Using breath work and kindness to all during this phase is golden. Mindful action can be used knowing that what seems like a problem is actually just a process. Our highest good has already been determined even if it does not seem like it.

Also the key here is to approach all with LOVE!!!! When there is ego, there will be drama. The short answer here is love is the answer. Love to yourself and love to another. That love can also look like compassion. Both are the balm for this stage. This is where you discover love, wisdom and true power. This resides directly in your heart center.

When we stay in the center of love and compassion and choose that for ourselves and others in any upheaval, we stay in the eye of the hurricane. This is the calmest part of the storm. It is the peaceful sweet spot and it is always the course correction and the easiest answer.

When in doubt, affirm your highest outcome in love that is the highest choice for you and for all!

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