The Impossible Demands of the Ego

Do you feel if you don’t have certain outcomes in your life that you are disappointed?

Do you place a lot of energy making sure you get what you want?

Do you feel like it will empower you if you do?

True empowerment is not having the things you think you need ,outside of you, to make you feel powerful. When you are truly empowered;, you know your worth despite anything materializing on the outside of you. Empowering the true self is opening ,without fear, to any situation whether good or bad, comfortable or uncomfortable and being OK with the given outcome. It’s knowing you are perfect despite the preferred outcome. This is the art of non-attachment. This is when we begin to understand our true selves.

When we get serious and insistent on an outcome it actually pushes our best outcome away. The energy of fear is blocking our natural flow of life. The ego is scared to death that if the outcome we desire does not happen we will be less than or feel like we are not in charge or feel like we cannot manifest our desires. Instead, having the energy of joy, fun and trust, elevates our energy to align us with our very best.

The truth is that our attachment to outcome is keeping us stuck. It is actually limiting us. In some cases, the best thing that can happen to us is to not get what we want and learn to accept our undesired outcome. What if growing ourselves in this aspect is going to be the bigger empowerment or outcome?

The universe always has our best at hand for us despite the outcome.

When we do our spiritual practice and say our prayers, do our best and then release it to God; we can have our best happen through us. In this process we are not only set free, we are off the hook of the stress and pressure for the perfect outcome. We will have surrendered our egos to God in exchange for freedom from the impossible demands of our, task master, egos. What we were actually trying to be free from is our ego mind of self judgment.

When we are demanding, insisting or rigid about anything in our lives that means that our egos are holding us hostage and we need to surrender what we want right over to God so we can be free to allow our highest and our best to be received through us. When we do this we are agreeing with God that despite the outcome we honor ourselves as our best selves.

When we let go of our grasping hands, we are open to receive what is meant for us and that will truly satisfy us. This is an act of the spirit or soul. This also frees us to be able to actually be relaxed enough to be our true selves instead of someone we think we should be to gain our desired outcome!

In exchange we instantly move into flow, freedom and grace. We are in alignment with the highest force of love.

We realize that true satisfaction or fulfillment comes from the place of honoring ourselves despite the outcome. It comes from unconditionally loving our own heart. It also comes from the wisdom of our soul to trust God always.

When we honor ourselves despite the outcome; we mature into a place where there are no threats of self judgment or disappointment. Here is where we already are our own best friend who loves us unconditionally. This aligns us with our soul energy. This is where we find flow and the magic of God.

When we love ourselves unconditionally we realize that we are OK despite the outcome. We free ourselves from needing something to happen outside of ourselves in order for us to be happy. This way we are maturing past the human condition.

The truth is that real happiness is not dependent upon outcomes. We realize that we won’t feel differently for long if we get what we want. We understand that the longing for some thing outside of us to fulfill us will always come back and never be fulfilled.

When we get what we want it feels good initially and you could even feel fulfilled temporarily. This is fulfilling the false self not the true self.

The true self doesn’t grasp or demand. The true self is really indifferent to the outcome because it knows that it’s already filled in the light of God. Our highest self or true self does not really care about perfect outcomes. It loves us unconditionally no matter what the outcome. It aligns us with the the greatest expansion of our souls and that may feel good or bad. It may be easy or difficult. Either way, we need to take the journey for the greatest expansion of our soul.

When we understand that the outcomes of our desires are the perfect thing for our soul’s expansion at that particular time, we are set free.  We stop taking the outcomes so personally. This is the evolution of our souls. This is the true art of surrender to God and the universe. This is at the heart of our love, devotion and surrender to God. This is where we really begin to understand unconditional love for our self and our creator. Here is where we feel one with God and at peace with ourselves and our world.

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