Don’t Suffer…….. Surrender

Why do they call surrender sweet?

The answer to that question lies in the polarity of surrender.

In resistance

When we are in resistance, we are in ego or small self. It feels contracted and tight.

We all get an idea that things need to be a certain way in order for us to be happy. We all want what we want or …….. the ego wants what it wants.
If life gives us the opposite of what we want, we immediately go into resistance. It can show up in many forms. Complaining, grumpy and negative attitude, blame, anxiety, depression, rocky relationships, bad habits, distractions, fighting to be right, addictions, busyness, excessive exercise, overeating…… the list goes on.
We short circuit into these forms of resistance until we are either tired of them or we become sick from them.
What we resist will persist!
We cling to these things outside of ourselves because our egos think that is the only way to survive. Ego is looking to these things outside our selves to identify itself. When we turn to surrendering those things, the ego is threatened and will fight back. This is the dark night of the soul.

What would happen if we surrendered our ego’s and yielded to spirit? This is a counterintuitive idea but it works. When we are in surrender we are in spirit, presence, consciousness . It feels free and light and easy. There is no inner critic or judge. There is awareness , acceptance and allowing.

In letting go of what we think we need, we find the relief in actually letting it go. In letting go through acceptance of what is, we find peace. We make friends with our true self which is presence and consciousness. Light and love.
In surrender we allow the infinite intelligence to take over. We find true life as we allow that infinite intelligence to guide us. It feels spacious and free.

The resistance is there to bring us into expansion. Just like in childbirth, we contract to expand! This is growth. Growth is any alignment with Love and God in yourself.

Surrender becomes sweet in the relief of letting go and in the final expansion after the contraction

How sweet it is 🙂

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