Empowering The Empath

Are you very sensitive and feel deeply?

Do you sometimes have difficulty knowing the difference between your feelings, emotions or physical symptoms and those of others?

Are you uncomfortable in large crowds and become drained of energy after being in them?

If you said “yes” to these questions, then you are most likely an Empath!

What is an Empath?

Empaths are healers, intuitives and light workers in the making!

They are people that can FEEL everything and end up taking on everyone’s energy like a sponge if they are not informed about how to care for their energy!

I work as a spiritual mentor/teacher, intuitive coach and healer. I see and specialize in helping Empaths. I help them work WITH their energy so it empowers them.

Here are some of the main important actions needed for an Empath to be empowered:

To get GROUNDED in your energy.
To surround yourself in a light bubble as a boundary for your energy and the energy of others.
Self love and care.
Time alone and quiet/ meditation.
Setting boundaries with people and especially those who are draining to you …….. “the energy vampires.”

I have come to understand that some Empaths have a combination of being co-dependent and empathic.

These hybrid Empaths are not only feelers but feel responsible for other people’s happiness, read the other person’s energy as their truth and can not stop the people-pleasing element in their field of responsibilities. Their sense of self is dependent on others.

I help these Empaths by realizing their own energy, power and potential within.

It’s very freeing and empowering to realize you are not responsible for everyone and don’t need to feel guilty if you disappoint others. You’ll start to see yourself as a separate energy from others.

It’s a game changer in self esteem when hybrid Empaths realize they are giving their power away by caring too much about what people think of them.

The two things that hold us back from claiming our power is when we are too attached to our desired outcome or worry about what people think of us. When we do this; we are actually giving our power away to those things.

Know who you are without those things and it will set you free! Trust the soul steering you.
We are so much bigger than that!

In order for the soul to lead the way, the ego must release the grip of control.

Let me help you uncover your limiting beliefs and re-pattern your misaligned conditioning to serve the highest you!

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