Love yourself through the void

Definition of void: verb: discharge or drain away
noun: ( bridge and whist) a suit in which a player is dealt no cards

Why does God allow the void?
It is in the void where God allows us to struggle with the ego so that we can find the light. We need to be face to face with our misalignment with spirit and truth in the ego in order to receive awareness by grace from our own light within.
You name the multitude of things we think we need so desperately to be ok!

There are many!

One day, if we are blessed and ready, God will bring us to a place whereby we will be faced without that thing we are clinging to for our wholeness so that we can discover our real wholeness. Our wholeness that is our divinity, our true self, our light.

Who are we without that thing?

Do we feel empty, not useful or whole there?

Do we feel restless and uncomfortable?


This is the exact place where we are faced with who we are in God!
We need to become aware of who we truly are as a being not a doer. We need to be detached from all the labels of who our ego defines us to be and to be the pure essence of who we are in Source/God/Christ.

Can we drop the titles, roles and identities for a moment to see that we are whole just as we are right now.? We are light and love in a human body doing the very best that we can.

When we surrender and accept the present moment, void of all except our true, big Self, we can finally see and appreciate ourselves for who we are.

Dropping ego from the void can feel like a death in your soul. If you wait around and watch the stillness, a rebirth will occur.

Do we need to decide finally to step into the authenticity of who we are? Do we need clarity of our essence? Maybe we can just let go of the fear and judgment. Maybe we own our worthiness.

We are worthy because we are here.

Judgment is fear and can not exist in the eyes of the Divine.

Surrender to the greatness of who you already are beloved.

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