“I want to thank you for sharing your gift of healing. I have to admit, I wasn’t looking for much to happen when I first met you. I have an autoimmune disease and am in chronic pain. Quite frankly, not much had worked to reduce the pain. My wife signed us up for your meditation classes in hopes that meditation would help. I noticed a change for the positive, less pain, after our first class. My wife and family said they noticed a difference in me while I’m practicing meditation on a regular basis. It’s much easier for me to be led by a skilled instructor like yourself. During meditation you suggested that I try “raindrop” therapy using essentials oil’s. I set up the appointment and you worked your magic. I must say, after the raindrop session, I felt pain free and better than I had felt for years. The relief lasted for over a week! During the raindrop you used several techniques that I benefited from. Energy work, essential oils and light massage. Most of the things you uncovered from the energy work were spot on and things I’d not thought of or about before. Terese, you are amazing with a very special gift. Thank you for being a huge part of my treatment plan and for coming in to my life.”
~ K. Harvey
“I found Terese rather serendipitously when I needed healing and guidance deeply. I felt comfortable with her instantly and after my first session I knew I needed to visit with her again. Her presence is warm and understanding and I am always in awe of her gifts. When telling friends about her office I often refer to it as a piece of heaven, it’s a safe place to unravel and reset. I leave our visits feeling confident, refreshed and with great notes I eagerly apply to my life. I really can’t recommend her services enough, she even has her own beautiful tarot deck of angels.”
~ P. Lutz
“Deciding to take that step and go see Terese was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long. When I left my reading I felt amazing, went back a week later for raindrop and I felt the best I have in years. Terese has opened my eyes to a lot of things in my life and showed me the importance of mediation. I would recommend anyone and everyone to take that time for yourself and go see Terese!"
~ M. Stendardo
“I have been so blessed to have been guided along my spiritual healing journey with Terese Shanely. Not only have I personally healed and grown through her mentorship, but now I offer my own healing services. Terese certified me in Reiki I, II, and III as well as in Raindrop Therapy. She is such a beautiful, kind soul and wise, encouraging teacher. She creates a very sacred experience for her students. I now have a Reiki practice of my own thanks to Terese.”
~ K. Anderson
“Terese! You are such a bright light in everyone’s world and I just wanted to send a reminder to you on how much happiness, guidance, and love that you give to others is so appreciated! Big hugs sweet friend.”
~ A. Tuell
"When I contacted Terese, I was feeling very lost and my soul was stirring so much inside I felt like I was ready to burst. (AKA – My awakening!) I am a Christian and had zero background in chakras or spirit guides, etc – and I was a bit skeptical, to be honest. But I am so grateful I took the step to call her. Terese provided me a safe and comfortable place to ask questions & learn about what is going on inside of me. She is not only, very sweet & supportive, but extremely knowledgeable and an amazing coach. Because of distance, we do ZOOM sessions and it has worked great! Don’t hesitate, give her a call!"
~ C. Ellison
Carrington Jackson

3 reviews

11 months ago

Working with Terese was such an extraordinary experience. Her warmth, her abilities and her essence converge to facilitate a soulful journey of acknowledging how I got to where I am and how I can move forward. Her gifts of connecting spirit …More

Chelsea Reed

4 reviews·7 photos

11 months ago

I truly believe it was divine intervention how I met Terese and not a day goes by that I am not grateful for my dear friend’s introduction to her. It has been life changing for me at so many levels. We all carry pain physically and …More


Kim Tomlinson

3 reviews

a year ago

Terese is a skilled, kind and an incredible energy worker.  The changes she’s helped me with have enabled me to make astounding choices and decisions to live at a higher vibration and life a life that is all about my higher good.

Sasha Osterhout

6 reviews

a year ago

Truly grateful for Unfolding Divinity, I came to Terese in crisis mode. My nervous system was on over drive, I could not breathe and hopeless. My first session was a miracle from God. I continue to work with Terese and feel refreshed, light and present.  Terese is an absolute blessing and master of her heavenly gifts!!


Sherry Moldenhauer

8 reviews·4 photos

a year ago

I had never met Terese, but while she was giving me her intuitive reading, I thought it was so astonishing how well she could  connect to my energy through her intuition, before we met. Her description of who I am, on a much deeper level than a surface personality description, was on point! Her whole reading was amazing!


Mike C

5 reviews

10 months ago

Terese is an amazing spirit. I have worked with her across a variety of disciplines and I will continue to work with her for the simple reason that my life is better with her guidance!


Alysha Melaragno

7 reviews

a year ago

Love Terese. I’ve seen her a couple times a year just to give some clarity where I’m at in life. It’s been really helpful and keeps me balanced. Couldn’t recommend her enough.


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