Resting is the best way we can love God and allow God to love us.

When we take a rest, we are able to receive all that God has for us. We align with the flow of the divine so we allow the benefits of our highest good to integrate into us. The being is our love language to the divine, to ourselves and from  the divine to us! 

When we unite with our breath and are still and happy just being; our spirit and body  become revitalized. Our vibration rises when our breath is deep and still and our nervous system grounds. Most of our healing happens in this climate of being.

Being intuitive and moving into that place of knowing requires us to be still and know. We are required to be in a place of receiving and being not striving and doing. This is called The Divine Feminine. This is where we connect with our spirit. This is not to say we don’t connect while we are doing. It is the balance that creates the magic. 

Our spirit can easily work in this world when we are one with our breath. When we find ourselves living to control our world and it’s outcomes, we are trying too hard. Our best wants to come to us easily. When united with your spirit things are easy because you are one with your presence and breath. You are in flow. When we are striving and trying , we become discontented and disconnected with our breath and presence. We move away from ourselves.

Our power is in our presence. It is in our unification with our breath and it is simple and easy.

Our ego tells us we must strive but our spirit knows that we simply can receive. Receive ourselves and the power of God within us.

Of course there are times when we will go for our goals, do, plan and take action, but when not balanced with being , we soon become off kilter.

The next time you are angry or frustrated, stop and notice your breath. It will be shallow and quick because you will be disconnected from it and your focus will be on what you can not control. The one thing we can control is our breath, our focus and our energy. All it takes is intention and presence. This is a great teaching of many spiritual teachers including mine, the great Matt Kahn.

I am a tennis freak! I love the sport for many reasons but one of them is that your game will reflect your relationship with energy and life itself. When I lose connection with my presence and breath, I lose my power.

Sometimes when I am trying too hard , I make it harder on myself by over running the ball or over hitting. When I let the ball come to me and stay present with the rhythm of the game and my breath, I connect easily with the ball. Fascinating right?

I always used to say …… focus on the breath? What does that do? Whatever!!! Your breath is your spirit and your power. It is always there and it is always longing to connect with you. So …… when in a sticky situation? Breathe! Watch yourself and your circumstances shift! 

So ……… let life come to you. Connect with your breath and presence and allow life to be easy. This way when life is not easy, we are in a more powerful and peaceful spot to be able to deal with our divinity intact.

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