Do You Love Yourself?

Yesterday was the Solemnity of Mother Mary Feast day which brings our attention to the motherhood and blessings from our Blessed Virgin.

We can not forget the constant presence of the Blessed Mother in our lives as she prays for us in all of our challenges, fears and shortcomings. She is also always there to celebrate all of our victories.

I feel one of Mary’s main missions, as our heavenly mother, is to love us and to teach us to love ourselves. To bring peace through love. To pray for us in good times and hard times. To keep us safe, nurtured and cared for. Just as all of us mothers want for our children, our Blessed Mother wants the same. Turn to her in times of familial strife or disharmony. She wants God’s peace and the peace surpassing all understanding that her son offers, to bless us unconditionally.

In our humanness of the good, bad and in between, let us hold honor for ourselves and those around us for our journeys. May we embrace our lives with gratitude for whatever shows up to further reveal to us our human and divine nature that is for us not against us. Difficult, uncomfortable or heavenly and amazing, it is all forming who we came here to be. It is a wild ride and with much prayer and surrender, is all here for our highest development and good.

Honoring both our human and divine nature allows us to appreciate our own compassion and our power that comes from the one big love that resides in all living things.

With life as our classroom we can take the pressure off of getting all things right. We can agree to see ourselves evolve with a light hearted perspective and pat on the back. All of us navigating and moving through life, one story at a time, one choice at a time and trying our very best. My Mom who past last February always used to tell me that same thing. She would say “ Terese, all you can do is do the best you possibly can and the Saints can do no more”.

So for the New Year, let’s all agree to love our humanness, our divinity and everyone else’s while we are at it. It is in loving others in their humanness that we are actually loving ourselves as well because we are all one.

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